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Last Updated on December 27, 2020

Tim and Janet Martinelli:

Tim is the traveler in the family, a sales rep for a large company (don’t ask which one; we like to keep our lives at least a little secret!). He’s always on the move, at least four days a week spent out of town on business. So he stays in a lot of hotels the night before he goes to talk to some bigwig who needs his company’s hot new thing.

Me? I’m a lawyer. I don’t travel much except between home, the office, and the courthouse. It works out perfect since any time he’s away from home I’m with the kids, and when I need to be gone all day he’s usually at home between trips. It’s not easy, but we make it work.

What was the point of those two stories? Well, that’s easy. We’re two very different people leading very different professional lives, but we both make heavy use of one simple household appliance: garment steamers.

Tim always needs to look his best when meeting a new client, which is a huge pain when you’re on a plane or train all day and then stay in a hotel overnight. Wrinkles are simply unacceptable when you’re making the kinds of deals he is, since any hint of weakness or incompetence will get pounced on by the kind of people he’s meeting with.

It’s sort of the same with me: if I don’t look my best, nobody takes me seriously. I can project all the confidence I want, but if I look frumpy in the courtroom my client thinks I’m not giving it my all and the jury lowers their estimation of what I have to say. My appearance is a big part of my job too.

We started the site mostly because we realized there was a bit of money to be made in it, to be honest. We’ve tried all sorts of garment steamers over the years, so we had a pretty good knowledge base already. Coupled with our friends always asking us for advice, and we decided to make a quick site like this and add a new review every time we try a new product.

Everything we look at is a product we’ve really used, and you can trust when we say it’s good: the bad ones go straight into the trash before they can cost us our jobs.

So if you’re looking to step up your appearance game, a good quick way is to invest in a good garment steamer. And a good way to find which are the top garment steamers to invest in is to come here, read our reviews, and trust an expert, honest opinion about which ones have worked the best for us!

Last Updated on December 27, 2020