Rowenta Garment Steamer Reviews – Picking The Best One For Your Needs


We have reviewed our top choices below and also done in-depth reviews by brands, but if you are in a rush:

Here’s our top choice: Rowenta IS-6300 Master Valet Full Size Garment Steamer (View on

Whether you are someone who travels often, needs a way to get wrinkles out of delicate fabrics or just does not like fussing with an iron, a portable garment steamer is a cost-effective choice that will make your life easier. In just a few minutes, a garment steamer can get the wrinkles out of most clothing, even delicates and jackets.

Looking at the fabric steamers on the market, one can see that many of them are pricier than an iron. Until one considers that a garment steamer can be stored in a smaller space than an iron and an ironing board and that a good garment steamer can replace an iron, one can see it as a worthwhile investment.

RankProductReview Score
1Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet
9.8Buy on Amazon
2Rowenta DA-55 Clothes Steamer
9.7Buy on Amazon
3Rowenta DA-76
9.6Buy on Amazon
4Rowenta DR8080 X-Cel
9.4Buy on Amazon
5IS9100 Precision Valet Commercial
9Buy on Amazon

The biggest difference between an iron and a garment steamer is that the garment steamer does not need to make contact with the wrinkled fabric in order to remove wrinkles. While a garment steamer will not give you the pressed look that an iron can give, a steamer can freshen up and remove creases from fabrics like silk, satin and polyester that cannot be ironed. Also, the garment steamer can be used to clean fabrics and clothing that is rated dry-clean only, which can save money in the long term.

Beyond the convenience, when buying a garment steamer, there are other factors that should be considered. Factors like durability, the capacity of the resevoir, heating speed and ease of use are important factors when making a purchase. As well, other minor factors like how often and where you will be using your steamer, safety and aestetics.

In this article, we will focus on Rowenta garment steamers. Rowenta has a strong reputation in garment care and construction, making some of the best garment steamers, irons and sewing machines on the market. Most of their garment steamers are made for home or travel use and are priced friendlier to your wallet than many other garment steamers on the market.

Top Rowenta Garment Steamer

Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet Full Size Garment and Fabric Steamer

Much different than the previous three models discussed, the Rowenta IS-6300 Master Valet Full Size Garment and Fabric Steamer is better equipped to handle all of your home needs. Being a full-sized steamer, the IS-6300 has the capacity for steamcleaning draperies, rugs and carpeting along with the day-to-day steaming of clothing.

The 1550-watt heating element allows for rapid heating of water and steam production within a minute of turning on the unit. With its roughly three quart tank, the IS-6300 can provide steam continuously for over an hour and with its six foot hose is more than capable of handling most jobs around the house.

Unlike the DR-8080 and many other steamers on the market, the spray head and hose are protected in a way that keeps them from growing hot to the touch, allowing for long peroids of uninterrupted usage. As well, the six foot hose attaching the head to the tank is longer than many others on the market, allowing for a longer reach which can be helpful if working on larger fabrics around the house.

Unlike many other commercial-style models, the IS-6300 also has a telescoping hanger arm, allowing the unit to be stored in a much smaller space. This can be helpful for those in smaller spaces or who keep the unit in a laundry room or other tight spot. While the hanger arm was reported to have issues with breakage, that it can be collapsed for storage is an advantageous feature, especially if you plan on using your steamer for steam cleaming jobs around the house.

If there are problems with this unit, many reported that it did not hold up for a long time, many claimed the unit broke down after a couple of years of usage. With this unit being more expensive than many other models made for home use, this can be a source of frustration as the convenience and potential savings that can come from having a steam cleaner could be offset by having to replace a unit after a short peroid of ownership.

Still, if you need something with the power and flexiblity to handle not just garment steaming but other jobs around the home, the JS-6300 would be an excellent choice as a garment steamer. Its range and power, even if its durability is lacking.

Rowenta DA-55 Clothes Steamer

A simple and cheap steamer, the Rowenta DA-55 is ideal for the traveler or someone who has limited space. The DA-55 offers a simple steamer for that can fit in a vanity drawer or travel bag with ease.

There are a few drawbacks to the DA-55 that makes it more of something to use in a pinch rather than a reliable everyday steamer. First is its lack of power, the 600 watt heating element needs a while to get water to temperature for steaming. The other big detrements to this unit are its small tank and lack of durability, but for something that is used occassionally or for travel, that can be ignored.

Regardless, if you are looking for a steamer that you only need occassionally or just on the go, the DA-55’s low price and small size make it a great choice. It will not hold up to a lot of use or jostling, but for those looking for a basic garment steamer, the DA-55 is a fine choice.

Rowenta DA-76

As a model made explicitly for travel, the Rowenta DA-76 combines some of the compact size of the DA-55 with a few other features that make it ideal for travel. That it is a steamer combined with an iron also makes it ideal for trying to pack light.

The two biggest travel-friendly features of the DA-76 are the removable water container and the dual voltage capability. The removable water container allows you to save space in a carry-on bag, which with the potential for items to be jostled and jarred in regular luggage, can save the unit from breakage. As well, the dual voltage feature allows the item to be used throughout North America and Europe without investing in pesky adapters.

Unfortunately, being a travel unit, there are more than a couple of issues with the DA-76. Primary of these is that it is more of an iron with a strong steaming feature than a true steamer. The compromise between the two makes neither aspect as satisfactor as they would be in separate units.

Still, the DA-76 travel unit that can do a little bit of everything. Many might find a dedicated steamer more useful on the road, but the balance can also have its advantages.

Rowenta DR8080 X-Cel

A step up from the DA-55, the DR-8080 X-Cel packs a lot of power into a compact and easy to store package. The 1500 watt heating element in this steamer is among the most powerful of any available steamers on the market. That it is priced rather moderately compared to other garment steamers with that powerful of a heating element is impressive.

This power gives the DR-8080 a quick warm-up time, being able to produce steam 45 seconds after getting plugged in. That its power is combined in a small and light package makes it great for any number of touch-up work around the house along with steaming garments.

That combination of power and compact size does have its drawbacks though. The first is that its compact size means that the DR-8080 compromises by having a small resevoir. This is not a big issue if the unit is being used for one or two garments at a time, but if you are trying to steam multiple garments, you may have to refill a couple of times.

Another issue is that with its small size and high powered heating element, the DR-8080 tends to be hard to hold for long peroids of time. Again, not a major issue if you are just steaming one or two garments at a time, but it can be a factor in steam cleaning jobs around the house that this model would otherwise be suited.

The other complaints about this model centered around the unit “spitting” water onto the garment while steaming, but this is easily remedied with the fabric attachment that comes with the DR-8080. It is a piece to potentially be lost, although some users said they kept it on the unit at all times.

So for its price, the the DR-8080 packs a lot of punch and is even compact enough to use during travel. Its power makes it a great choice for daily home use, but many will find the lack of capacity a problem when wanting to use it for other steam cleaning tasks.

Rowenta IS9100 Precision Valet Commercial Full Size Garment Steamer

While the thought of purchasing a commercial-level garment steamer might at first seem a bit excessive, as mentioned above, you can find other uses for a garment steamer around the home and the extra money spent can be saved later in several other household tasks. As with the JS-6300, the IS-9100 stores relatively compactly when not in use, taking up the space similar to a vacuum cleaner.

As a commercial garment steamer, the IS-9100 will deliver on power and heating speed. Within a minute of turning on, the 1600-watt heating element will produce steam and can produce that steam for up nearly two and a half hours. Unlike other, cheaper garment steamers, this model also has the ability to turn off the steam and keep water warm over the course of a day.

Another feature of the IS-9100 is its variable steam control, which with the power avaiable to this model can be very helpful. Althought most people will not need this sort of control, some fabrics do not need as much steam and there is the potential for problems if steam comes out too quickly as it can soak some fabrics.

Along with its ability to produce a lot of steam at your control, the IS-9100 also has a soft, cool-touch handle, which is greatly appreciated on longer or more heavy duty jobs where you will have to hold the handle for a long period of time. An on-board storage for attachments makes them easier to keep track of when needed, which can save time and frustration.

The main issues with the IS-9100 for the home user are typical for commercial model of garment steamers. First and foremost, it is a lot for someone who might just need it to freshen up a garment every so often. Even with variable steam control and its compact storage size, dragging this unit out for a job that will take a couple of minutes can seem a bit much. On the other hand, the utility and power of this model will allow you to perform other tasks that while not as frequent, can be expensive or require rental equipment otherwise.

Another problem with the IS-9100, like other Rowenta models, were issues with durability. The unit had issues with clogging, even with regular cleaning and some of the plastic parts did not hold up to daily use. But while there are other, more durable commercial garment steamers on the market, the price of the IS-9100 still makes it a great value in comparison.

The JS-9100 has a lot of features that someone looking for something to freshen up a garment here and there might not find useful. But for those who see the full potential of having a garment steamer at home can provide, or those who might do sewing on the side as a hobby or home business will find that the JS-9100 delivers a commercial-grade steamer at a relatively friendly price.

Best Rowenta Garment Steamer: The Rowenta IS-6300 Master Valet Full Size 

Durability issues notwithstanding, the IS-6300 (View on is a great home garment steamer that will quickly and effectively remove wrinkles and help keep dry-clean only garments fresh as well as handle steamcleaning tasks and other larger and infrequent jobs around the house. It combines the convenience and easy of use of Rowenta’s smaller models with the power and utility of their commercial grade models in a package that is friendly to your wallet and will lead to potential savings of time, space and money in the long-run.