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ExtremeSteam Professional

Summary: Conair Fabric Steamers are known for their upright and handheld garment steamers, particularly, the ExtremeSteam, Turbo, Deluxe, and Ultimate. These units heats up fast, high power output, decent capacity, and long operating time.

I have a problem with clothes. Namely, I hate folding them. It’s a bad habit, I know, but it always slips my mind or procrastinated as much as possible, and I end up with wrinkled clothes.

For the most part, this works out for me. I don’t generally have anybody to impress. But sometimes it’s an issue, whether I have to meet with an employer directly, or go to some formal dress event and I’m stuck with a lot of wrinkled, frumpy looking clothes.

Thankfully, garment steamers exist, so I can stay lazy as much of the year as possible. I’ve bought quite a few over the years. Some good, some bad, some that start off good and go bad. By this point I know what to look for, and I’d like to pass that on to you.

Now we’ll take a look at some specific examples from this brand and see what’s the best.

Ready? Let’s begin.

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Conair Fabric or Garment Steamer Reviews (Updated List 2019)

RankProductReview Score
1 ExtremeSteam Professional
9.9Buy on Amazon
2Turbo ExtremeSteam
9.7Buy on Amazon
3Hand-Held Fabric
9.6Buy on Amazon
9.4Buy on Amazon
9.2Buy on Amazon

5 Conair Fabric Steamer Reviews

1. ExtremeSteam Professional Upright Steamer

The best upright steamer that the brand has to offer.

It heats up in a bit over a minute and a half (100 seconds), operates for around the same time (90 minutes), and has a “stay cool” handle and nozzle, with the attached 360 degree hanger and five foot handle.

A big selling point here is power: this steamer draws 1800 watts of power and uses it to produce “dry steam”, resulting in much better performance.

While this sounds like an oxymoron, all it really means is that the steam is heated hotter than the usual boiling point (212 degrees Fahrenheit/100 degrees Celsius) and thus doesn’t leave the garment you’re steaming feeling moist afterwards. More fine molecules of steam for a better clean and more comfortable effect.

Given that this will only run you a little under $100, its performance difference over some of the below competition makes it a solid recommendation from me.

2. Turbo ExtremeSteam Advanced Handheld Steamer

This little Conair steamer packs a wallop.

This bad boy’s main claim to fame is it raw power. Drawing an impressive 1550 watts of power (more than some upright steamers) it heats up fast and produces very hot steam. As far as Conair travel steamers go, this is pretty much the tops in terms of raw heat.

In addition to that it has a few useful attachments (a bristle brush, a delicate fabric spacer, and a silicone band for drawing fabric taut) and an on/off button.

While that last may not sound impressive, keep in mind it IS a feature most steamers (particularly Conair compact garment steamers) lack.

Most need to be unplugged to be shut off, making this one a bit more convenient and less prone to accidents happening.

If you’re looking for a compact, powerful handheld steamer with a decent capacity (about a cup, or 15 minutes worth of operating time) this is as good as it gets.

3. Handheld Fabric Steamer

Starting us off is our tiniest option of the day.

In terms of handheld fabric steamers this one is pretty low powered. It draws 650 watts of power, holds less than a cup of water, and doesn’t heat the steam to particularly high temperatures. It’s about the barest bones you can get.

However, it still merits a first glance, if not a second. It can do the job well enough (so long as you don’t mind refilling it repeatedly for anything larger than a shirt), doubles as a lint remover, and perhaps most importantly: it’s cheap. It will only run you around $20.

Many of its downsides can even be considered advantages.

As a steamer its steam temperature is subpar, but a lot of people buy it to use on their hair for a quick steam clean and brush (something I’d be hesitant to do with hotter steam), and report quite good results from that.  Just something to consider.

4. Home Upright Deluxe Fabric Steamer

Simple, cheap, but good.

This isn’t the best Conair steamer, but it’s far from the worst. It pulls 1200 watts of power to heat up fast and stay that way for a good long while (about 90 minutes) and comes with some nice added features.

It’s made with a telescoping pole attached to a hanger that makes it an all in one garment steamer (you won’t need to find some place to hang your clothes before you steam them) and a handle that stays cool while you use it.

The T nozzle likewise stays cool so you don’t have to worry about accidentally burning yourself on the nozzle after you turn it off (though it should go without saying that the steam itself will be boiling hot: don’t touch the nozzle while the steam is going).

All in all you can do a whole lot worse for the price range ($60 to $70). Compared to the other upright steamer on this list it may not seem impressive, but if you just need a quick Conair fabric steamer to de-wrinkle your clothes in the morning, this is perfect.

5. Ultimate Garment Steamer

Trades convenience for power.

I’d call this sort of the “missing link” between a portable and upright Conair steamer. It’s certainly not portable (weighing about 10 lbs, and having a little over a gallon of tank capacity) but it’s not quite as bulky as an upright steamer with the hanger either.

It lays somewhere between both, and performs pretty well as a result. While it doesn’t have any fancy attachments or the convenient garment hanger, it does have 1500 watts of power, a large 80 ounce tank, a blinding fast heat up time (45 seconds at the most), and a long operating time (90 minutes).

In theory, that’s all you really need from a Conair steamer; everything else can be had from a separate tool or a little finagling. The main issue here is price: it’s going to run you about $80 on average, which means it’s competing with our top pick in pricing…and is far less convenient and powerful.


The winners here are clear: for Conair handheld garment steamers the Turbo Extreme Steam takes it, while for upright the Extreme Steam Professional snatches the win.

The advantage of dry steam over regular steam cannot be overstated: it cleans better, cleans faster, cleans tougher, and doesn’t make your clothes damp.

Both of these far outperform their competition in terms of heat, capacity, operating time, and every other criteria. As far as Conair garment steamers go, these two can’t be beat.

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How to Pick the Best Conair Steamer For Your Needs

Full Size or Handheld?

This is perhaps the most important single choice you need to make, as it will determine just about everything else about your steamer.

Full size steamers are medium sized appliances similar in size to a vacuum cleaner. They come with larger tanks, higher heats, and wider nozzles (with the option for attachments) than hand held models.

On the flip side, handheld models are smaller, with similarly small nozzles (note: this isn’t necessarily a bad thing depending on what you want to use them for), and their biggest advantage over full size models is being portable.

While a full size steamer will always out perform a handheld one, it can easily be argued that handheld ones are more often the better choice, as I’ve found the greatest need for a Conair steamer comes in when I’m traveling.

Tank Size

Tank sizes range anywhere from around a cup at the low end for a handheld model up to around a pint, where full size models can range up to or a bit over a gallon.

In practical terms this also translates to use time, where handheld models can run for around 10 to 15 minutes before needing a refill, where full size models can run for over an hour and a half.


Efficiency is one of the biggest features here. Heat and speed are the big names to look for: you want your Conair garment steamer to get hot fast and stay hot for a long time.

On average you’re looking for a steamer that can get hot in a few minutes or less (half that for handheld steamers) and stay that way until the water runs out (as said above, anywhere from 10 minutes to two hours).


Conair garments steamers are usually going to run you anywhere between $25 and $100, but there’s one particular outlier that we have discussed.